Ambition Is Nutrition

Ambitious, vicious, malicious but I see the benevolence

Kind heart, gentle, understanding the keen relevance

Writing for my life, gaining new stripes

In my mind: I always type and disconnect the hype

I’ve been broke countless times, just never poor

Richness in these words, locking earth down to its core

Backing down these writers in a corner

Ending their careers; I’m on fire, but the haters say I ain’t getting warmer

Keeping to myself, elevating my mental

All I see is dollar signs, the route is sequential

Motivation, inspiration, dedication, results in official amalgamation

The road to riches is my surefire, destination

Writing everyday, flying into an untouchable stratosphere

The war has been won, making sure my battles are clear

The streets haven’t been spoken about

They’re being saved in hyper drive; memories in the bank without a doubt

Getting back to doing what a bad man do

But I’m coming out clean, the deception I can see through

Focused on the progression in immediate succession

Impressing myself is one of God’s lessons, hammering depression

Despite what the enemies try to execute

I beat them down until their destitute

Everybody has to eat and I hope they will

But going against me makes you an easy kill

Envy only gets what it asks for, the negative impact

I make it out of any predicament; perseverance I send that

Hitting me up will turn out to be your worst nightmare

I’m fearless, who cares if you don’t fight fair

I already passed you, moving swift like a light year

I ain’t with a girl cause she dressed in a tight pair

It’s about heart, soul and integrity to make it quite clear

Once the key unlocks the spirit, every dream is unbelievably, near


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