Setting Precedence

The most influential, essential, writer with limitless potential

Crafting verses so sentimental, understanding what’s consequential

The tone is set, the outrageous threat, not afraid of death

Blazing like a trail of papers full of cess

Trends immerse with my pen like a new connection

I came out of the womb bloody, by a c-section

Ladies love that I’m thugging, she ain’t bugging

The fly, loyal women are who you see me hugging

I’m colder than winter, inside your skin like a splinter

But then I warm up the weather like a summer hinter

Outside the zone of attack, stacking up racks

Every word I write is a straight fact

Independence is what creates perfect transcendence

Incandescence firing off the page, with rapturous, resplendence

Inventing the originality, focused on a criminality mentality

All the dreams I concoct, become a beaming reality

Intimidating me only happens in your nightmares

Dressed to fly high; call it flight wear

The ground I touch is much different from y’all

It isn’t just the perspective or the ambition to ball

The way I move is underneath the concrete

You can get washed up by the water at a long beach

Catching me slipping is an impossible notion

I annihilate the commotion and move waves in the ocean

Playing around won’t get you to your destination

You won’t put in the work, but ask for an invitation

Diligence so militant, the only object I see is dividends

I stand out, I’m not focused on fitting in

I made written words my drugs, is how I hustle

A hobby forever pays, like exercising to build muscles

Signing off so smoothly, people assume I never left

I’m praying for those who lost loved ones, who are feeling bereft


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