I had no food in the fridge for three days

Only oatmeal to mend my bad ways

The struggle is only as real as you make it

The victim, plays a fool who fakes it

The deception and tricks are easy to decipher

Only a real, loyal go-getter is faster than a viper

The dogs are barking, making useless noise

I’m sitting peacefully in silence, keeping poise

Moving the haters out of the way for advancement

Alchemy exists in these words; call it enchantment

I poke you with my lance cause I’m a free writer

I spark up lethal liberation like a lighter

Applying pressure on the doubters and sinners

I’m steeped in debauchery, but I come out a winner

Stones break bones, but name calling means nothing

You say I’m a dead man, but I know your bluffing

I’m entering the circle of enthusiasm

Marked my billion dollar destiny in my protoplasm

The finest wine swims through my stomach

Eating grilled salmon with asparagus–meanwhile, you plummet

Capturing everything that belongs to me

I move like a ghost the way people look through me

Digging up treasures that the world was unaware of

I see many people flicking bics like their Arab

Independently, I’m doing numbers like I’m published traditional

There isn’t one writer who can conquer this official flow

Street connections, book directions, with serious introspection

Psychologically murdering these fools, who walk around with protection

I get banned from certain vicinities cause people fear me

I’m sweeter than berries, I can make any enemy weary

Ladies Prism will romanticize hearts that were sullied

I wish for peace upon the world, but I won’t hesitate to get gully


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