Youthful, truthful and ready for war to begin

But the truth is I have peace when I write with this pen

Patience, perseverance, determination and discipline

These attributes are the reason why the world is listening

Going harder than these other writers, who are buzzing from awards

Publication is happening before the year ends, is what I’m gravitating towards

I’m going to buzz directly next to the ones who stay winning

Then I’m going to ascend past them, you’ll see me grinning

The only box I’ll be inside is when God calls me home

I’m building a writing empire like Rome, ready to grip the chrome

Repenting for all of my sins that I commit

I’m thanking God when I’m on my book tour staying in the Ritz

There isn’t a single soul who succeeds and prevails like me

The hatred and envy makes people want to fight me

But they won’t lay a hand on me cause I’m prepared to box

I’m a human gun like I have a .38 snub nose taped under my socks

Success overnight is the best way to take flight

But you have to grind for years to appoint what should be right

My heart doesn’t get colder, I’m just getting older

Broader shoulders, becoming a solid rock like a boulder

The floor I create and invent has a supreme atmosphere

I’m outside the box elevating my stratosphere

Eating like a mob boss off the words I weave

I’m like a tailor the way my verses suit and leave

The millions are within reach, cause I practice what I preach

Savages digest swine and suck blood out of you like a leech

Every poem I write is an anthem so grand

There isn’t anything as scintillating as my brand

Six years later people will be saying how much they miss my verses

Simply because the man writing them will be dead driving hearses

Every day I become a new man, who is spiritually inclined

Wiser, wealthier prophetic scripture is what’s defined


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