The Ghostwriters Writer

I’m always low key like the fastest maserati

Acquiring impeccably expensive taste like a bugatti

Writing songs in various different genres; creating hits

That’s one of many ways for me to get rich

There are millions of ways to stack millions

I build a new structure like a pavilion

The empire being created is the most hated

Optimistic outlook upon life, far from jaded

Sitting in solitude, listening to mother nature prevail

Consuming kale, watching other writers move slower than snails

The seasons change because of my writing grind

Whether I’m reading Tolstoy or rewriting finer times

Entering new chapters like I consumed the bookstore

Its better to be filthy rich, but look poor

Restaurants, cafes, libraries and underground businesses flourish

Gambling winnings are going against the physical that’s well nourished

Get in my way and I’ll push you over

I’m scarier than Halloween in October

Always been a skinny man with unlimited options

Capitalizing, cohesively off every opportunity knocking

I meet these queens who have been brutally hurt

They were treated atrociously, worse than dirt

Fearful of keeping me around cause I’ll awaken what their worth

More valuable than any jewel bestowed on this earth

But I fully understand why these boys try to deceive the females

Boys can’t let women outshine them, cause their too frail

I’m more than happy to let any queen outshine me

The woman behind the behind is what defines me

Writing outside of my spirit, readers swear it isn’t Kyle

I’m beyond wild, with a dashing smile, beating any trial

I was born to rule the writing profession, teaching true lessons

My pen touches more paper than a banking session


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