Forming an apparatus that possesses a scared status

As far as women go I’m into the baddest

Living by any means, survival of the fittest is in my genes

Guaranteed to live in affluence, painting vivid themes

Entering harmony is like watching shooting stars work their magic

Having a big mouth that won’t close is tragic

The more people talk, the stronger I become

The government tries to gather my background, but I have them on the run

Chasing publication is one way of innovation

I was told writing would lead me into desecration

In reality: it’s the exact opposite reaction

The pen gives me riches, it was a destined attraction

Since I was fifteen, I realized what was in store for me

Obstacles were demolished, the perils were escaped accordingly

Soaring through the sky like I have wings

Angels surround my essence cause I’m a king

I’m the boss, ruthless enforcer and soldier

I could freeze up your actions cause my heart is colder

The streets won’t change, no matter what transpires

Don’t burn in the hellfire following stupid desires

We are all born in the vortex of iniquity

But my fans, readers and family only see the best in me

Ghostwriting songs under the table taking racks

I’d rather play the stock market with my stacks

I have a small circle with great diversity

I’m really involved in every circle, so you ain’t hurting me

This is how a Don thinks, so I won’t shrink

Growing tremendously taller, while you shrink

Poetic, phonetic, even bad actions I don’t regret it

Pushing forward like I’m constantly doing calisthenics

The struggle is one of the most beautiful lessons

Stop trying to impress and own your expression


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