The craft is more important than selling out

The soul is the key to eternal happiness, without a doubt

Evil reigns down upon the best people

But that doesn’t mean you deserve a sequel

Out working all of these writers with my pen

Asking for forgiveness, due to my sin

Money comes, if you live off a humble mentality

Doubting is a waste of thought, it distorts your reality

To be the greatest, you have to study the best

Passing tests, beating stress, before my soul begins to rest

Death is promised but tomorrow never will be

The haters try to preach love, hoping they will thrill me

The inception of deception lies within the reflection

Inspection under God’s protection is how I grasp detection

Once I hear one lie, I realize there’s no purpose

Trying to stray me away from the path, so you can say I’m worthless

There isn’t a mere mortal who can stop me from rising

I’m like whole grain bread, the way I’m so appetizing

If I die I’m a legend like Drake said

You won’t catch me off guard–I’ll needle through your thread

Cardiovascular is running the marathon, this isn’t a sprint

I watch other author’s and poet’s gas out, cause my longevity is spent

I’m always writing, due to my flawless imagination

Internationally renowned, making sure I’m imprinting the entire nation

The rain blooms flowers, the storm subsides

I’m bridging the gap this economy divides

I have the smallest circle that spans the globe

I don’t ask useless questions, I know how to probe

If writing didn’t become my career; I would be a personal trainer

Either way I’m changing lives, but I’m far from an entertainer

I’m meant to last like a Ramadan fast

I believe in fresh starts, who cares about somebody’s past


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