Capturing The Essence

Changing up is only for advancement and baseball

I’ll always remain myself, I don’t need to race y’all

Competition doesn’t exist to me

I already decided to make every writer history

The enthusiasm is unlimited and my time is infinite

Ahead of the herd, with every word, verse and sentiment

The ugliness in the world isn’t meant to devour

But I see lost souls questioning the last hour

Ghostwriting the way my verses have no identity

When the pen moves I know heaven is sent to me

Painting vivid imagery with excellent symmetry

Persuasive messages, exuding remarkable energy

The force can’t be extorted or exported

I have no choice but to be rewarded

False prophets are attempting to pontificate

But any enemies body I eviscerate

Cultivating an undeniable sense of intelligence

Fully aware of who’s downstairs out of their element

Listening acutely, to what’s sincerely being presented

All the lies are making people become demented

Extending beyond the greatest levels

My writing moves boulders, you pushing pebbles

Restoring elegance, sophistication so unequivocally benevolent

Laughing at these kids, who base their opinions off being relevant

Know exactly where you need to go

Work hard to get there, let it show

Success is the only thing the public should see

Hustle in different shades like piano keys

I’m told I’m not marketable cause I’m ripping apart writer’s

Denying my craft only makes each word tighter

The fans say I’m underrated, the most hated

I’m shining until the end of time, you won’t diminish me it’s been debated


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