Fruitful Future

I’m sure of what will come into fruition

Standing tall, empowering myself off impeccable intuition

Mistakes are made no matter who you are

It’s as common as golfing on par

There isn’t a single soul who defines perfection

I know many who are fearful of their own reflection

I can steal any heart, place the beat in park

A wolf ready to eat, swimming with the sharks

Eating up these words like shrimp fried rice

I’m not a gambling man but I roll the dice

A celestial appearance possessing worldwide security clearance

I’m skipping steps to beat down all the interference

Dead bottom on the food chain straight to the top

Sirens were ringing ferociously like a cop

A mechanical tendency shouldn’t be a dependency

Execute natural actions, so imposters are offended, see?

I’m living in a beacon of peace like eternal life

But I switch up instantly when afflicted with strife

Every night I count my blessings and study the stars

What I write is out of this world like mars

Shipping products overseas obtaining keys

I spread out everywhere like fleas

Tactful, appreciative and gracious for having gifts

Readers are lost in my rapture like guitar rifts

Novels, poetry, ghostwriting and scripts

The surefire way to stack my chips

Once my pen touches paper I disappear like vapour

Victims complain constantly–there isn’t anything faker

My bread is rising in the oven like a baker

But I’d rather eat cake and obey our maker

Victory costs more than a pretty penny

If you don’t believe me, ask Papoose and Remy



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