Training And Gaining

Training my mind, elevating my grind

Working on an infinite clock like father time

The momentum is shifting, the spirits are uplifting

I’m on the beach, walking through the sand, I feel it sifting

Calisthenics got me built like an immovable brickhouse

I’m solid, sturdy, ferocious, but move in silence like a swift mouse

Selfmade: declaring my vast riches

I’m not talking about cash or the porcelain dishes

Love, faith, persistence, purpose and soul

Without those qualities in life, you become darker than coal

Intertwined with a deeper philosophy

Multiplying my wealth, by buying more property

I have the most effective marketing methods

Authors tried to imitate my blueprint, but won’t confess it

The book tour set entirely obscene precedence

I shower my queen in tasteful decadence

Making history with my novels like Mario Puzzo

Tricking me is impossible, find somebody else to bamboozle

I learned from my mistakes not to be frugal

I search for the answer–my engine is faster than Google

Building a dynasty from the ground up

I hit a million before I invested heavily in my career, it sounds tough

The only approval I ask for comes from Allah’s blessings

I was told I was wrong, had my entire family stressing

I don’t give away my hand, I play the cards I’m dealt

Why do you think the world trys to mimic what I felt?

I don’t reveal myself fully, yet you hear an intriguing story

Each word has a hidden meaning, possessing the truest allegory

I’m prepared for the worst but know I deserve the best

I push up a fresh plateau, building a bigger chest

Serious street stories are planning to be told in prose and verse

But first thing is first, I don’t have an act; nor do I rehearse


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