Scotian Breeze Is The Movement, Treasure Words, Collect Figures Is The Company

The only time you will ever read my prose on this blog; excluding any novels, short-stories, plays or scripts I plan on writing in the near future. Remember, this is a gift for mankind. I write to uplift the people’s spirits and show them a way out of the struggle. The streets made me the man I am today, but having a foundation to invest into and trust is an authentic jewel–otherwise known as the nuclear family. I don’t write for money, nor do I worry about materialistic things. Yet, what a hobby taken seriously can accomplish is diabolical and utterly astronomical. The stars aligned, the full moon sent me a message from the heavens resting graciously above us. Langston Hughes, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare appeared in my dreams multiple times. They gave me light, shared their follies, and most importantly inspired me to keep it up. I was told the literary world hasn’t seen someone this versatile or gritty, who can decompress sentences into unadulterated humor, love, bliss, envy, jealousy, philosophy, and solace. Today marks the day of an epiphany: similar to what Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel had when creating the Flamingo. The only difference is I will live and carry on with honor, decorum, integrity, ethics and grace. Assembling my dynasty piece by piece. Promoters, Editors, my own distribution deal. And most importantly: get an office space. Invest in yourself before its too late.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, you know I move smooth and unseen like the wind. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company, committee, organization, enterprise and dynasty. Coming from all angles, directly for the jugular. I’m the plug, no connects needed. I love all my fans and truly appreciate your support. I hit overseas distance awhile ago. I’m worldwide, baby. Mr. International Hustler.


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