Writing Is My Life

To put it plain and simple, sexier than dimples

Writing is my life, popping careers like pimples

Ladies Prism may arrive this year, if not early 2016

A romance novel so captivating and dirty, but read clean

I possess more authority than the port, you won’t extort

I have a vicious cohort that gets uglier than any wart

The delivery is the epitome of living free

Writing flames so hot; they burn more than the fourth degree

Demons are alluring and deceiving, evil is what their retrieving

They have too many lost souls believing

I’m severing the limbs and decapitating the horns

Cowards blow through more jobs than porn

I used to carry around a knife on my right side

I was ready to stab until the light flies

I never had to carry a strap but knew where to grip a piece

Barking dogs say the least, too busy begging for inner-peace

I’ve been celibate for two years because I’m focused on the paper

Most men won’t spend time with a woman, they want to take her

Lost many friends, cause man hates and fear what they don’t understand

Destined to have property overseas, constantly gaining the upper-hand

A one man army, with dead soldiers behind my femur

Saying I changed my demeanor, but I only became cleaner

The funniest notion is people treat you like an animal

Recognize your purpose and every dream becomes tangible

Passion and money behind each word–this is what I live for

When I’m exercising I never forget the legs or core

I’ve only stated facts on the page that many were blind to

Cross me, and no soul will ever find you

A fantastic magician maneuvering into a new edition

The transition breeds erudition like a signature on a petition

My pen is supremely intense, it has insurmountable defence

Overpowering offence, the attack has no remorse but will repent


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