Paying for shares, comments, subscriber’s, likes and follows is useless

Who cares about bots increasing numbers–it’s just stupid

Build your empire from the ground up

I’m the only one wearing the crown, yup

A world without jealousy is the one I love

I’m feeling like TLC, I don’t want no scrub

I’m past watching the women pass through the block

I got the models on lock, they surround my essence, thats real talk

President and CEO of the Scotian Breeze movement

Ladies Prism is only bound to show enormous improvement

The most unique author, the heart beat starter

My poetry lights up your life; a true saint not a martyr

Novels depicting a narrative so visceral and captivating

Every time I write a verse, I see more money activating

Freak of nature like a tornado erupting

If it doesn’t make dollars and sense, then I ain’t discussing

Palpable intonation, let’s have an all night celebration

I don’t respond to indignation, resisting the perils of temptation

Crackheads on the corner trying to hustle stolen clothes

Fiends addicted to the next hit, they can’t stand on their toes

My team are the heavy hitters, the following is larger than Twitter

Y’all need babysitters cause your acting so bitter

Inventing a fresh beginning, better believe I’m winning

I laugh at the devil, when I see him grinning

The grimy ways have become habitual

Officially bad queens with the Prada and Kors are my ritual

She needs to be a go-getter, infinite trend setter

Diabolical but too clever, so she knows better

Everyone is talking on the streets, she never stops watching

When you execute transactions, make sure you know who’s copping

A broken beer bottle ricocheted off the concrete

Just a clear sign; that my time is beyond reach


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