Victory Isn’t An Option

Be ready to pay the price for victory

It’s not an option if you understand your history

Getting inspired by my own energy

Collaborations of the finest kind, creating synergy

Teamwork builds themes and influences dreams

Life requires specific balance like a beam

Dexterity not so ordinary–writing words sweeter than berries

I plan on owning a lingerie company more popular than Fred Perry

Moving forward, reflecting back, gripping racks

I receive the money in abundant sacks, that’s a fact

Scotian Breeze is a movement sent directly from heaven

Every hour is like a new day, I’m skipping past eleven

My rhymes are analyzed so deeply, most don’t know how to treat me

I’m running my own business, nobody can mistreat me

Bosses earn respect and run multiple committees

Real pretty, dominating the city, unbelievably witty

Laughing on the inside when others aren’t, so optimistic

I’m feeling great right now, targeting what’s flourishing and specific

Reaching new fans everyday that are overseas grinding

The mathematical formula is sweeter than a cake mix combining

I said I’m sweet twice because that’s the tender side

But the other will make bodies disappear and glide

Peace is the easiest way to keep a business afloat

Don’t expect to be warm with no coat

Treasure Words, Stack Figures is a publishing sensation

I lead by demonstration, I have a heart warming salutation

I feel like Nas when he performed If I Rule The World

Sedition, nurturing a new position like I found a new girl

The streets is what I listen to and I find the proof

Better think twice about what you want, before you shoot

Don’t worry about what I’m doing, just focus on yourself

How do you expect to advance without gaining knowledge-of-self?



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