Yesterday, my post proved victory isn’t an option, but a lifestyle

I throw a precise two-piece, I don’t have to fight wild

Scotian Breeze is barrelling through all of the stupidity

Writing words and harmonious actions create my humility

Ladies Prism has been ready, but the world needs to prepare

Prose with enthusiasm, compassion and no fear

Short stories written, entering competitions, winning 1st prize

Once it hits the server, every other writer meets their demise

I’m equipped with a deeper purpose that penetrates the surface

There isn’t a soul alive who can murder this

I’m praying for everyone in the world, the air is hazy

Many are going crazy and deciding to conceive babies

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the enterprise, company, dynasty

The cops search these streets, but they ain’t finding me

Practice is repetition that fuels transition of every preposition

Writing and claiming a new position, is what I call supreme sedition

Recapturing my mind, the rapture is born and divine

The grind is sublime, repositioning the hands of time

The underground ruler and mainstream dream is what I embody

I’m becoming what I was born to be like John Gotti

Office space open, books being distributed, nothing is disputed

Before this happens, my e-books sell so frequently their uprooted

I’m the soul controller of every book sale, getting tail

Consuming kale, building castles with no sand pail

I made writing my career with limitless longevity

Relative and mechanical movements, I question what you’re selling me

Kindness isn’t my weakness because I don’t have one

I’m glowing like the moon, and write words hotter than the sun

Studying scriptures so I can understand the bigger picture

I cross more bridges than a mixture, emit more light than a fixture

When I look around all I see is the accumulation of money

A logical explanation why people look at me funny

I’m setting the tone, building in an untouchable zone

Money is calling me, so I pick up the phone







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