The Hustle Will Never End

Fake people don’t even like themselves, but say they love you

Truthfully: they are out in the hood trying to cause trouble

I’m way too busy to be kicking it with individuals

Determined on taking what’s mine from literary residuals

Working hard, reaching thresholds you can’t teach

I put blood into my work, you are sucking it out like leeches on a beach

Everywhere, worldwide, Scotian Breeze is a well-known global movement

My poetry represents a prophetic attunement

The blank page is my inspiration, motivation, and dedication

I collect figures out of any bleak, looking situation

I learned not to give anyone a dime, they better earn it

I don’t belive what you’re saying, unless you have proof to confirm it

I’ve been demonstrating the proof like the most potent liquor

You claim to move at God speed, but I’m quicker

My mental becomes more intact when I study scriptures

The only thing on my mind is stack dollars to get richer

But first I would prefer to enhance my wisdom, and perfect my craft

When I heard haters wanted me dead, I stood still and laughed

I have an army of troops and  reinforcements; no endorsements

I make souls move from my literary assortment

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the assured, thriving future

I keep my system clean, I’m known to be a juicer

No steroids, just fruits and vegetables in my smoothie

When you read this, you feel like you are watching a movie

Writing words, even when I’m not thinking

I expose the imposters and leave them stinking

I had family members that burned bridges with me

I always pray for them, but I know they are remaining thrifty

When you start chasing the dollars people treat you strange

Money is the root of all evil, I wasn’t demanding change

I made my reality what it needs to be, by applying my ideas

Loving hard work, you won’t see me driving a Kia

Catch me in the Lexus, Benz or Rover

The cops won’t catch me slipping–I’m only driving sober

Living like a mob boss, the way I dictate and dominate

Competition met a dark, failed fate

Success is the defined by my name and substance in novels

My word is my bond, but play me and I’ll beat you at your own game; no need to squabble

I’m a fly man, like a passenger on an airplane

The top creates more envy, but these weaklings fear rain


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