Up Early

I’ve been sleeping a lot less lately

I’m hustling words until my death, baby

Radio shows, magazine interviews and newspaper articles

The publicity that’s coming up is from God particles

I’m looking for a queen with some thick lips

Body so curvy, the other men realize she’s fit

Whatever passes through the block isn’t for me

These model type chicks are the only women I see

I’m into the baddest divas, who are hotter than summer

Lived a grimy life; expertise on dope runners

I’m not sounding shallow, I’m just expressing depth

Growing, proliferating, and empowering text

I’m addicted to getting money, but it isn’t my life

I’d rather take the knife and stab you out of sight

Ask questions later and roll on with my progress

A professional writer, and you are just a novice

I’m giving the world decades of work in just a couple years

I have a heart that’s colder than winter tears

Surveying the city for the connects connection

Dealing with the middleman only leads to oppression

Factoring in acute equations that give me success

Writers are put to test, but I’m the best I confess

Depend on yourself, but don’t do it alone

You need a team that’s out together like a classic poem

I breathe fire like a dragon attacking his prey

I’m right here, what do you want to say?

A smart man will study, but a wide man observes

Analyzes the situation, understands what they deserve

I’m raining down buckets on the competition like the splash brothers

I won’t be spotted doing dirt, I got a fast cover

The cards are being dealt and I’m capitalizing

These attention seekers–it’s a fact their conniving

I put more hours into my business than I do writing

Cause my words sell, but promotion is enlightening

When I touch the blank page words flow out like a faucet

I love it when haters tell me to stop it

Taking my respect, creating lavish circumstances

I cash the check in, I don’t rely on advances

Revamping the culture, strengthening the writing community

It’s all love, if you truly believe in unity


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