Attacking, Rapidly

Pinetrest, wattpad, goodreads, and tumblr will never be part of my promotion

I keep it official, to represent for pure Nova Scotians

Instagram flagged my comments as flagrant, because they were too effective

The colonizers try to end my onslaught–that’s their objective

Too bad a team full of demons has no power over my authority

God has granted me with outstanding, superiority

Skipping steps, climbing the ladder quickly

Exponential growth is the only description that fits me

According to bots: I’m a piece of trash

I made writing careers with longevity look like a flash

Father time is behind me, nobody can confine me

I won’t let one single label define me

Penetrating the soul like the death exit

Locking up countless minds like they been arrested

Everyone dies alone and faces judgement

This promised day shows the truth of your covenant

My offence is in autopilot, making other writers look silly

Underground, running the city, with a government name of Billy

The False Reality Of Martin was completely slept on

The new year, sales will skyrocket like the Jetson’s

Ladies Prism will sell millions of copies

I’m referencing e-book sales, the world has bought me

Once the distribution deal arrives in spring, it will be a problem

I’m making sure I take what’s mine and rob them

My novels and poetry will be translated to numerous languages

Young ladies want to constantly bang the kid

But I’m staying away from the lust and distractions

I know it would be detrimental, to invest time in a fatal attraction

My blog is more valuable than real estate

It’s an investment of great wealth, it doesn’t feel fake

Whether it’s the knife, sword, gun or my bare hands

I’ll commit a homicide to protect what’s mine, cause I don’t fear man


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