Pushing Hard

My style consists of the hottest flames

All I drop are classics, as my words enter your brain

I have fans from Sweden to Hong Kong

Mr. International is my new name, it’s catchy like a melody in a song

Hitting the three, to put the team up in the last seconds

From a young age I was taught to count your blessings

Each poem I write initiates my status into a new beacon

I leave my enemies bloodied up and leaking

The American and UK marketplace consumes my work

Canada is on my back, I’m focused I know it hurts

You won’t keep me down for long

I’m a heavy presence like metal in tongs

Metaphorical, philosophical, allegorical, the relentless combination

Categorical phenomenon, with a slick, precise integration

Bringing an entirely new meaning to the words entrepreneur and writer

I’m deep in these streets, but my feet are lighter

I never dealt with a middleman, I went straight to the source

My life is like a Star Wars movie the way I’m using the force

I’m making these other writers stagnant like a bed

Haters don’t enter my head, but their envy wants me dead

Happiness is a cheap price and the best antidote

I supply remedies like a pharmacists prescription and quotes

You don’t eat what I consume or drink what I swallow

A born leader that you have no choice but to follow

Most times you will catch me all by lonesome

My career consists of sitting in a chair, producing words that are wholesome

The most creative of writers, unleashing my passion

The subtraction of failure, dressed in the finest fashion

A one man army, with angels part of my grace

I reinvent the pace; my words give you a better taste

I’m one step closer to ensuing my destiny

I’m glad the public slanders my name and thinks less of me


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