Reservation Zone

The life I live has unique techniques and reservations

My words are living organisms, oozing with enzymes of anticipation

Language is a living, breathing apparatus

Name any writer alive, but I have the baddest status

The defemation of the population is an abomination

Shameful sins are earned off lustful degradation

Forgiveness improves the raw, human condition

I write with a passionate, classical rendition

I’m producing words while y’all are wasting time

Watching mindless videos and confused why you are in a bind

Love hard work; cherish and concentrate on what you do

I have the world at my feet like a pair of shoes

Worldly possessions can be attained by gruesome confessions

Items aren’t what leave an everlasting impression

Invest in expressions of a divine lesson

Staying true to my team in any section

I’m constructing a company that will be more popular than Nike

I can understand why a lot of you won’t like me

When I’m on the streets, I get shown fake love

I move in an elegant, sustainable fashion like a dove

Serving justice is the only way you can be trusted

Spreading conjecture–your style is rusted, you just got busted

Devoted my life to the progression of the blank page

Writing isn’t a performance on the stage

Soulful, integrated actions should be put into motion

Every writer alive should religiously follow this notion

But most of them don’t, they listen to the Lord immersed in the firey nation

He isn’t God, when you die you’ll be beyond bearable perspiration

Broken bones can be healed, but death is permanent

Choose to exist in the righteous firmament

Floating into a better stratosphere when I hit the blunt

I’m never on the hunt because I know how to stunt


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