I’m praying for the innocent destroyed in the attacks across the globe

Paris, Beirut, San Berdino–the refugees in Syria that have to go rogue

Orchestrated testing methods, but they want us arrested

It won’t be contested, it should be God you’re impressed with

These are terrorists for hire, wickedness is their treacherous beauty

They swear they’re right when performing their duty

Corrupted, believing in demons conquering the land

Following whispers, and thinking they’re demands

Colonizers are testing their manipulations with HAARP

They’re taking away your money by taxes; sitting in a park

Protect what you work for and build without help

If you don’t then you’ll never gain wealth

Entrepreneurial spirits, business moves in silence, hustling words

A wordsmith exposing the oppressors, so they call me absurd

The only preposterous notion is the backwards degradation

Compliments that are meant to push you back for a lethal demonstration

Advertisements, news articles, and publicity stunts are cheap tricks

They want a hole engraved in your brain deeper than a ditch

Plantations are germinated by seeds of evil

Corporations treat their employees like their feeble

The system is set up in fraudulent parameters

Thieves are cleaning up more dirt than janitors

Law enforcement redirects their scope, parading like the pope

Targeting people who won’t cope, annihilating threads of hope

But there is goodness and integrity in each division

The only problem is it’s beneath the surface; produce solidified decisions

In Ancient Egypt only true royalty wore jewelry around their neck

Today we have an abundance of false prophets gaining respect

They don’t get any respect on this side, cause I stick to the real

Prophecies fulfilled, I only write words you can feel

Detonating bombs of truth for the youth

Anyone can be nasty, but try to be couth




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