Inevitable Progression

I’m working harder, moving faster like the ghost Casper

Barely sleeping; magnetized towards becoming the master

I’m happy with very little, but about to be living large

I purchased a castle with cars to put in the garage

I’m never losing focus, just switching up my route

Servicing God is the reason I’m devout

I make sure to become a better person daily

I capture multiple checks, you better mail me

I keep taking my ends, and then proceed to give back

What others lack, I make up for the deficit; that’s a fact

Cooking meals to establish and boost my mental

A wise man, who treats his body like a temple

Rushing what’s determined won’t happen

I aim directly for the jugular when I’m attacking

I’ve been destined to blow and keep my business on the low

They way I flow, I have no choice but to grow

Intrepid, respected, connected, negativity deflected

I’m of a complete vision, exclusively selected

Ebook sales had gone above the roof like snoopy

Dollars are nice, but I’m trying to capitalize off rupees

Grinding for the millions, equals service and sacrifice

Hours alone, writing prose or rhymes with the roots of life

If I’m on my phone that means I’m working

I’m not wasting time in other people’s business, lurking

I only support those who know they need to support me

I have a lot of fake fans, who want me in court, see?

I play games with those who wear masks

I consume haters quicker than liquor in a flask

I show you who I am on the page and in person

Fronting isn’t for me when I’m happily conversing

A year ago, was the last time I got depressed

So I changed my life drastically, to demolish the duress


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