Ride Or Die

I put my life behind these words–that’s a fact

Creating a positive impact, remaining incognito and intact

Golden words, silver lining, and pearly prose

The world only can see the bottom of my feet, they must love my toes

Soaring high in the sky, looking down like God

I’m not the man upstairs, but I felt his lightning rod

Disobey and get cut up and dismembered

I’m colder than the month of December

Enemies throw up peace signs when they see me

I live in a peaceful shrine, but their life is like TV

Shows were built for drama, suspense and tomfoolery

I get everything exclusive and customized when I purchase my jewelry

Where’s my queen to assist me on building my dynasty?

People try to build riches but spend more–the irony

I ride or die because that’s the mark of loyalty

I’m not looking for a girl to spoil me

A man stands on his two feet, proves that he’s unique

My writing style is more classic than an antique

I’m doing life my way like Carlito

I’m sweet and colorful like a mojito

Riding on these writers like their cars

I put careers in the trash can, cause I’m sicker than SARS

When you go from the absolute bottom to the top

Nobody wants to acknowledge that you’re more solid than a rock

I’m a shooting star, who has vast ingenuity

You won’t mess up my blood like I have immunity

I was born for a life of freedom; ruling a kingdom

Dictating a monopoly, so fools want me to king them

The only time I drink is to celebrate

When I reach a new threshold, I elevate

This phenomenon is a daily occurrence, like paying for insurance

I’m producing a scripture that has Godly resurgence


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