Writing With A Vision

I took this vocation and I made it my own

I’m connected like when your on the phone at home

The plug for everything from firearms to narcotics

I’m not involved in the distribution; I have a smoother step like orthotics

I just keep the hitters and street connects around when I need them

It’s all love like the natural occurrence of the seasons

Everything I’ve written about became my reality

So far ahead of my time that I predicted my own fatality

The old me is dead, but the new me is better

I’m becoming more clever, with the knife your head I will sever

I’m not a rapper, muscian or lyricist

But I can write hit songs, and health your mental like a therapist

Economically, I’m focused on gaining more money clean and honestly

But I have the underworld on my shoulders, constantly calling me

The essence of the streets, enables a raw attitude

I speak about philosophy that trumps the platitudes

I have so much gratitude, so I keep gaining

Donating funds back into the system; I’ve been training

Living circumstances changed rather rapidly

This is how you’re rewarded, when you write factually

Inspire the minds and define the grind

Collect more haters, so you can soar through time

Spending life on the ground is feeble mediocrity

I would rather sell hope, than buy into hypocrisy

Captain of the ship because I’m a true champion like the clothing brand

I’m always in demand, by the mark of a swift hand

A good man, who happens to have a heart of gold

But I’m a gangster and a fighter, if I may be so bold

The balance between good and evil is a calculated weight

Supreme mathematics has been the commander of my fate

Putting thousands of dollars into my career made millions

I constructed a new opening like a pavilion

2016 is my year, let me make it clear

Nobody will interfere like I’m living in a lair

I’m so serious that people call me delirious

But in reality I laugh and think y’all are hilarious

I’m a tiger with a mission like a missionary

I just booked my flight, you won’t reach the itinerary

The plane I’m on only lands for God

The supreme being: keeps me flying high and swimming like cod


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