Ice And Fire

I’m cold like the freezer, striking catastrophically like a seizure

I’m working off the meter, I don’t have time for leisure

I won’t even kick it once a week

I’m chasing the millions, as I write this heat

You can see the devotion and unwavering determination

I go out, and take what’s mine, from an ingenious invitation

Writing poetry, prose and blogging every day

That’s one way to be healthy, so the doctor stays away

I have a deeply embedded passion in my heart

Writing showed me exactly where to start

I hustle harder than any writer alive

Push my work on the platform to survive

Actually, let’s scratch that last line

Because I plan on living lavishly, and militant like army time

Surviving is strictly for the average thinkers

I change up the pitch and throw a sinker

Crashing the boards, doing the dirty work

I’ll take it any way I can get it, you’re a chicken like jerk

I’m on the streets selling copies of my novels

I get loonies, toonies, fives, tens, and twenties; I’m leaving minds boggled

I protect my vision from the allurement of evil, like I’m wearing goggles

I treat the blank page like a re-up, the empty space I toggle

Nobody expected these tactics from me

But I always rise above what’s crummy; its a wrap like a mummy

The ladder of success is a volatile climate

But once you climb it, your influence defines it

It’s like the holiday season, the way my words sell

I killed Satan in hell; his worshippers can’t stand the smell

The smell of a fly guy, who breeds success

I pass God’s test, end stress, and repent for every sin I confess

Freezing up writers and burning them out

It feels lovely to be a living legend, each path I reroute


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