All Night

The night beckons, the women are checking

A million dollar plan is going to be executed–I reckon

Crafting verses that alleviate devilish curses

My name and character hold a lot of weight like purses

I was born into a stronger champion

This isn’t an act; their style, I’m cramping them

Let the war come to you for an assured victory

Start pointless beef and become ancient history

I remember when I was fighting for my life

I still do, but its to rewrite all the strife

I made what I believed palpable and enduring

Once I write it down its born into existence, I don’t need reassuring

I keep myself company, there’s no deception stumping me

Once I go to war, every enemy is under siege; claiming their bumping me

Focusing on being a star before the craft is disastrous

The watch I wear is ahead of its time, cause I have faster wrists

Men and women gossip like nothing matters

I hit the homerun and return to the dugout like a batter

One woman who supports my empire is enough

She is a queen, who has earned my complete trust

I live for the love of writing and new beginnings

I’m always winning, continuously grinning

I was lost in sin like the devil himself

But I decimated the evil; adding notches to my belt

The 4AM grind is what invites the diligence after hours

I’m a magician, the way my intuition casts absolute power

The hand is shuffled, the cards are muffled

But I play my trump card, to increase my muscles

Everything that I’m holding is golden; no scolding

The impenetrable hard drive is what I’m loading, never folding

I make readers eat my words like lamb chops

I gave authors writers block, like their hands were shot


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