All Me

I’m a confident man, not conceited

I leave the powers that be depleted like Michael Jackson I beat it

There’s a fine line between the sky and the ground

I’m floating up in the sky, the best writer pound for pound

I’m covering new territory with this poem

Constructing a living space I can call home

All the jobs I worked could never equal my power as an author

I’m guarding my point like Tony Parker

I’m not big into vehicles but I move faster than one

I shine like the moon and beam brighter than the sun

God put breath in my lungs; it weighs a ton

He’s the father above me, and I’m his son

Completing deadlines, stomping out my goals

Misunderstood, you won’t understand how I roll with an impenetrable soul

Meteorology is volatile like a filthy dog pile

The world knows my name is Kyle, I’m not here to beguile

Grinding, stunting, never fronting, hitting grand slams not bunts

I’m feeling great like when you hit your first blunt

Being the boss has a cost, it amounted in a lot of loss

My best friend got shot in Toronto, where the killers treat blood like rose sauce

How can I feel successful when I won’t be able to share it with lost loved ones?

The arrogant think the earth is here for them; that there’s nothing above them

The difficulties in life made me stronger and wiser

I’m not cool with a lot of people, cause they want to advertise her

As entrepreneur’s we all have a brand to market

But I’m aiming beyond what you’re trying to target

The stage I’m starting on is higher than what you see

It’s bringing the checks in like a Hollywood movie

Drug dealers, addicts, the homeless and the deceased

The only way to do better, is rise from the concrete for an increase

The mind is a powerful weapon of mass destruction

My literary induction was catastrophic like a volcanic eruption


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