Second To None

I live such a clean life but my clientele swear I’m filthy

I write so much crack, the writing empire built me

I’m heading to the top, I won’t stop

I’m cultivating crops, germinating what’s hot

I could stop writing verses three years and still be on fire

I have a burning desire to inspire like church choir

Desolate, eradicating the deficit

Cash is always on the precipice; obtaining the best of it

I walk in the rain with no umbrella

I let the rain cleanse my soul, because I’m a good fella

There are too many liars, who say their flipping pies

The authentic know you haven’t sold a drug, ever

Trying to claim your clever, but indulge in idiotic endeavors

The reason why I keep it street, is because it made me

I’m fly, but too crazy, the sauce is pouring like gravy

I have hands ready to rip a body open

But I would rather live in peace–here’s hoping

Economically, I’m a thoroughbred anomaly

My geneology has a pedigree of ontology

Philosophy written in stone like a boulder

I’m getting older, becoming colder, with the world on my shoulders

Nova Scotia got hotter because of my hustle and flow

The tourism rates skyrocketed, they don’t want me to blow

Too bad, no mere mortal can stop this

I predict the future like a prophet

Vindictive souls are specific and chauvinistic

They feed off the gullible; they are simply twisted

I speak about an array of topics that brighten eyes

A soulful conversation will destroy all the lies

Truancy was a fluent diploma that I acquired

I was kicking it with the older kids, learning how to inspire

I have the whole world listening closely to my formula

You can see my purpose, from my retina to my cornea


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