Behind The Curtains

The strokes of the pen are confluent

Each stroke breeds peace and congruence

I’m behind the scenes being an influence

I write in a rosy language, oh so fluent

Work is a hard task, but it’s easy to quit

I get ridiculed for my style and wit

I wake up at 5:30AM to stay fit

I workout at night like a changeup pitch

I’m keeping the verses simple to reach a broader demographic

Even when I keep it average, I burn writers like acid

I look into the crystal ball and see that I’ll never fall

I keep the words complex and raw, so I will ball

Acceptance is easier when you forgive and move on

I prefer to create inseparable bonds

I’m investing time in writing like a stock

I will watch the money skyrocket, cause I’m a rock

I soak up knowledge like a sponge; ready to be taught

I already won the fight because we already fought

Prepared for anything to happen, but I know it won’t

Know yourself and your do’s and don’ts

Mindful and consciously aware of what I’m writing

I have each word mapped out before I begin typing

Personally, I prefer to use a pen when writing poetry

But I have to make sure digitally, you flow with me

The imperative notion is stay consistent and diligent

Grind for the dividends, but leave a legacy that’s militant

I respect the craft and work hard to perfect it

I’ve had my manuscript rejected

But rejection doesn’t mean much to me

I realize there isn’t any writer touching me

I’ve reached heights higher than mountains

My words are more refreshing than a fountain



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