Writing Is My Queen

I told her get on your knees

She replied: Sure, papi, just let me drop my keys

She brings me the racks like nice breasts

She sucks me dry until I’m soft, I confess

Addicted to her libido, I feel like the Godfather; Vito

She has me wrapped around her legs like a burrito

The cheese comes in dangerously like Cheetos

I stack my chips properly like Frito

She has my heart, but it’s cold weather

She sets me up for the spike, like a volleyball setter

Her methodology is what’s calling me

Money gets on the phone and takes all of me

She grinds for me like a stripper on the pole

I eat until I’m full; God is making me swole

She has words so addictive like meth and cocaine

I smoke weed through her pipe, and get jazzy like Coltrane

She puts me on top of the world, such a gorgeous girl

I don’t spin her around; she gives me a twirl

Getting high off filling the blank page with thoughts

When I’m doing dirt I won’t get caught; she’s not after what you sought

She has a spirit that changes my mental

I’m up in her mouth like an orthodontist, so essential

Her dimples mediate business transactions

She helps me buy the finest fashion

I can’t get enough of her velvety feel

She is going to feed me my last meal

She is a vivacious, star shining brightly

She makes many people not like me

She gives me hope, blessings, peace and patience

She allows me to understand the future and the ancient

She makes sure I have zero insecurities

She has sealed my fate in eternity


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