Unknown Status

I think it’s comical when kids are in university thinking their a big shot

A business degree doesn’t make you hot, reevaluate your thoughts

I’m up in the clouds, with the stars underneath

I take what’s mine, there are no items I bequeath

I don’t carry a strap but have one on reserve

I made my first connect, by standing on the curb

These men and women struggling on the streets have intellect

They could school these kids in university, cause they been a threat

Go against the system and they ban you

Speak the truth and only five percent of the population can stand you

Actors smile in my face, looking dumb and stupid

They talk a big game, but are completely useless

Go and push your paper, while I collect mine

I don’t have time to chill; I’m all about calculating my next dime

Everyone plays around on their phones, supporting distractions

I perfect attraction and thrive off righteous actions

Step to me and get your bones broken

I’m travelling around the city like a bus token

I see haters plotting, trying to poke me

They don’t exist to me, cause I move around, ghostly

They are so far from level, they haven’t even touched the stairs

Complaining is for the weak, nobody cares

Jealousy and envy exposes your weaknesses

There are certain elements that should remain secretive

This poetry I write, is my life on a canvas

I have an outrageous, contagious personality, so outlandish

If I have the gun I brandish and shoot–believe I plan this

But I live in serenity like the God-given trinity

The time behind my words is infinity

A living legend, I’m the epitome

You won’t get in my way, you must be kidding me

I was born bloody, but so fly and ferocious

I changed my living conditions that were atrocious

The world is mine like Nas said

I’m on the streets making moves, while your in bed

Fixated on seeing results and progression

I’m great like the era of depression

I have the fire in my eyes that burns out the devil

I’m pushing over boulders, you can’t move pebbles

I trust very few and only build with the sincere

If the demons try to infiltrate, then God interferes


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