Bank That

Knowledge is the key to reaping dividends

I drop jewels, science, and math, there’s no equivalent

Penetrating the souls of every reader

I put my food out strategically like a bird feeder

Beating down a woman beater; off the meter

I’m not a cheater, just a true born leader

I use my third-eye to analyze events

I travel kilometers through these words, you aren’t reaching my extent

Invest in what pays sense, not dollars

I became a baller, that just means my stacks got taller

Focused on what’s benefiting me for the long term

The roads were scorching, my soul yearned

The weed was sticky, but hard earned

Soldiers were getting popped, I thought it was my turn

The dedication and perfection to my craft is bone chilling

Every time I write a verse; I’m verbally killing

I started from the bottom and kept rising

I eat these writers alive, they’re so appetizing

It ain’t nothing new, going through hardships

I prove to the world what hard work gets

I’m from the country, with a city mentality

I hustle like a New Yorker, in all actuality

A professional demeanor is what exudes from my femur

I have the baddest queen by my side: have you seen her?

Reading the greatest writers to touch a pen

But I already surpassed them, born to win

Confidence and perseverance placed me above the fire

I’m so hungry, even my prepositions inspire

Rhymes in the memory bank, creating my future

I’m decades ahead of my time like an automatic shooter


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