The Craft

Once the figures arrive I bank that

Fifteen percent of the check is radioactive cash like a nuclear attack

Don’t play with anything that belongs to me

If you do; I follow through with my duty, truly

Heads will be severed–this is just another social endeavor

You would attack me never, cause I’m too clever

I’m saving and satisfying every craving

Every verse is amazing, my signature, I’m engraving

The memory bank is an unlimited account

The interest doesn’t have an amount

I keep it one hundred because I’m the realest to run it

I’m flying higher, the summit, getting blunted

The struggle and pain I experienced is beautiful

I write words that heal the soul, so musical

My youth wasn’t easy but my friends had it harder

We used to trade cards, scratch lottery tickets and barter

The country was so desolate, boredom was a prerequisite

Fights happened out of anger, ignorance, and financial deficits

I’m torching these writers to smithereens with the flames I write

I’m freezing up their minds, we definitely aren’t alike

I stay posted on the block, cause I’m the best writer

I only hang with the most intelligent models, time to invite her

Investing my time with people that I can build with

My life is live action like a film strip

Knowledge has a limitless banking potential

Running a campaign so presidential its absolutely essential

Getting money is easy, but maintaining is strategic

Managing what you earn is based on how you achieve it

The more money I made, the more problems others had

I used to be sad, until I realized my gift is to be glad

Bosses only kick it with other bosses

We all stand on our two feet, despite the losses


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