Ghostwriting: The Phantom

Sounding unlike yourself seems too appeasing

Cause deep down its yourself, whom your not pleasing

Interdiction between spirits, like magicians

I’m a technician, entering your soul is my mission

Adding spark to the brain, subtracting division

Made a hobby my life–a euphoric cognition

A switch positions, move two spaces, accelerate the ignition

Determined, courageous insightful decision

It’s a surefire method to escape provision

Offending the lifeless, but they say they like this

Walking under righteous, but I pray for every nations climate

If you believe, you better drive it

Without the reminder of to keep what’s private

Once the item is released, people try to bribe it

The world is a beautiful mess, don’t get obsessed

Just a journey to eternity, that shouldn’t be repressed

Businesses thrive off queries of information

It shouldn’t be discovered by interrogation

Increase the commodities, put faith in camaraderie

Sell the product, like a master’s degree in criminology

Teaching real operations, acquiring different occupations

But writing is what I rely on like subjugation

Everyone looks insane until their genius is proved

I slip in the groove, leave everyone moved

Making enemies weary and baffled

Powerless creatures like they just been tackled

The devil tries to grab you with his horns

Whisper an oath that he has sworn

But I laugh and create a storm

A tempestuous, rainfall that keeps me warm

The love flows out like a tapestry of human will

I go in for the kill, when I’m sitting silently still

Prepare for the next move, be ready to improve

I write flames and stay colder than an ice cube

The concepts reflect depth of the deepest breath

Giving back and taking until there’s nothing left

Advocating the death of poverty

You won’t be robbing me, I recite prodigies

Establishing business, writing, gathering dividends

Staying healthy, perfecting disciplines and staying militant


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