Keep Hating

My sojourn to the top is always in motion

I build on ideas deeper than the ocean

My writing style is devastating like a hurricane

I only execute what’s natural, conquering superb terrain

God put his spirit inside my physical to manifest

Haters try to slander my name, cause they can’t stand the threat

It took me a couple years to attain my spot

I have the writing world by a choke hold, the demand is hot

I never quit on what I’m destined to do

I just change up routes like highway 102

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity

I surpass both extremes and demolish all the vanity

The streets won’t ever leave my character; a useful quality

A king has a solid team, who follows his policies

Implanting a serious threshold on this profession

Nobody can pass me is your deepest lesson

The narrative drops bombs and creates theoretical physics

I just exploded and gave you a movement beyond vivid

I took a lot of losses, but once I won it never stopped

The most anticipated, after every book dropped

Envy sticks to my fly attire like a magnet

You won’t pick your ass up, you would rather drag it

Balling from the beginning, understood my objective

If it doesn’t change lives, I will reshape their perspective

I had a rough couple of years but I’m ending this one with cheddar

2016 is my year to make millions look better

Start chasing the paper and old friends will switch up

They want to watch your figures and get their bitch up

I hear a lot of complaining when it’s raining

But without the showers, planet earth would be draining

I inspire righteous desires that are more holy than a choir

When I see strangers, it only means they are another buyer


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