The Launch

Setting up a plan that’s on demand like television

Thinking thoroughly before executing decisions

Getting past what impedes the creative process

Filling the mind with joy that was thoughtless

Do better and more people wish the worst for you

I stay on top of the issues; call it the circle view

Expeditious, nutritious, the precipitous road to riches

Subtraction leads to more addition, like sleeping with the fishes

Lifting off the terrain requires shame and pain

I will make it rain, I don’t write for fame

The deck gets shuffled, the words get hustled

Fruitful future: I have more chips than ruffles

Commissioners, directors, executives, inspectors

I only hire professional services like I’m a protector

Novels, poetry and short stories are what I provide

I enter the heart, to show you what’s inside

Scriptwriter, playwright; collecting figures undercover

I don’t associate my name with the media’s thunder

Business meetings, firm directives–a warriors perspective

Building my future, but still being reflective

Writers facing rejection, gives them direction

I send out a lethal injection, acquiring credit like collections

I worship peace, I’m not into violence

But if I need to get vicious, I move in silence

Propaganda is being advertised as branding

I look down at the lies, I’m never landing

The change isn’t deranged, it’s superiority within range

I’m adding weight to my frame; I’ll never be the same

Pushing higher, living to inspire, getting out of situations that are dire

I write fire, like Avon Barksdale distribution on The Wire

Producing harmonies like a choir, have tenants; a provider

Similies like an allegorical detective

Writing with a new born perspective

The impact is groundbreaking, effective


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