Faithfully, Yours

I’m writing a short letter to my queen

I invigorate the scene, paint brighter themes, build with my team

Patiently waiting for you, as I build my dynasty

Utilizing every second–I realize time is a key

She crossed me with a red dress, knew I was the best

I’m guarding her more intensely than a full-court press

Normally, I don’t write letters, but then I met her

She assured me that I’ll get better

Supporting each other; regardless of the scenario

We’re popular like Mario, our essence has more bass than a stereo

I’m happy with one woman, I don’t need anyone else

The cards come in codes, play the hand your dealt

Life is nothing without relying on faith

It reveals a grand-opening like cutting red tape

I’m viewed as a fool, like I’m a useless tool

The reality is I’m cool, but get mistaken for a ghoul

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about me

I love it when people doubt me

That explains I’m doing what’s correct

I sit in the chair to reflect and gain respect

Deal with my problems on my own time

My queen has her own paper, and separate grind

When we come together, its like we control the weather

Genuine go-getters, who move tougher than leather

90% of people are soft, fragile and disassembled

Robotic actions driven by the fire, but swear their nimble

I look to God for guidance and thank him for your presence

Self-made, getting paid; delivering packages, not severance

Taking my passion and creating what I deserve

Showing universal compassion is my kindness on reserve

I don’t have any suspicions, only supplication

I yearned for us to be one soul, purely by demonstration


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