Trusting God, looking forward to the future

Loving the present, and learning from the past is super

Risks need to be taken, but my faith won’t be shaken

The scent smells heavenly, like fresh bread baking

Business isn’t always smooth, but it can improve

I’m outside the core cause my company protrudes

Enlightening the world; moneymaking isn’t happiness

The bills have been printed; it’s like I’m an activist

Poetically gifted, heavy hitter, never a quitter

I give you a cold feeling throughout your physical like a shiver

2016 is my year; making millions

Building an empire that will flourish in billions

I’m part of an exclusive club like a wiser bud

I’m coming out immaculate like I’m soaked into suds

Refuge is what I seek like touching mountain peaks

I’m a real freak and too powerful to be weak

Team of professional’s, killers and businessman, ready to attack

I gain off what you lack, put the world on my back like a pack

Intrepid: even as an old man I won’t be decrepit

Infinite time behind my words, I just reflected

Scotian Breeze is the movement propelling, excelling

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company selling books in every dwelling

Lover of literature, fine wine, paintings, architecture and design

My life is writing defined–still stacking cash, as my chair is in recline

Incoming calls from overseas for a book tour

Establishing fine rapport, opening every new door

The golden author, fly attire that’s fitting proper

My books are precious minerals like copper

Creating unforgettable, lovable characters in every story

The reader gets hooked on each word because of the allegory

Aiming my arrows, turning around every corner that’s narrow

I will be selling lingerie and apparel; rolling on like a barrel


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