Early Days, Late Nights

I get mistaken for other people, cause I move unseen

Positivity out of a negative situation is what I redeem

I wake up at 5:30am to start my day off right

I don’t need to fight because I move out of sight

Billy Eckstine sends me inspiration from the grave

I refuse to be a slave–my path is well paved

The False Reality Of Martin will be a bestseller

Ladies Prism will bring in more cash than a bank teller

The glances I receive on the streets are oddly unique

I see the hatred inside the iris, you won’t have me beat

Accolades won’t make you a great writer

The craft is what makes my verses tighter

Literary awards will be displayed on my mantel

Living enchanted–my lifestyle is ample

Everything I write is ahead of its time, so I hit rewind

Author, poet and entrepreneur has been defined

The sensations I spread are like being lost in a kiss

There’s a supreme power in my fists

I’m going to have a book tour overseas in Russia

I obtain the cake, cream, and custard

Love can be ruthless and evil like the devil

That’s because its fake, I’m hotter than a kettle

I light the world on fire with the pen I possess

Courageous, outspoken spirit, I’m not repressed

Blessings float down, delicately from the heaven skies

The storm breeds success after it subsides

Brewing up a plan, while sitting in my office

Writing about the future like a prophet

Jugular SpiritsĀ will be a horrifying, gripping novel

The prose will leave minds boggled

Emitting a brief flash, of an insanely brighter future

The industry is mine like an automatic shooter


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