I’m a maniac who will dismember limbs

I’d rather count my losses, guaranteed to win

Speak against me then defeat is elementary

I can see you coming eons away; molding the next century

Overview of the city, even when I’m under

Writing painstaking, marvellous wonder louder than thunder

My eyes are on the unseen and metaphysical

Sincere, devoted, disciplined, and persistent individual

Playing chess to move a few spaces

Capturing your queen, I got her locked down like braces

Getting in my way is an impossible tactic

I’ll leave your entire body broken and flaccid

Humility is a God-given ability like fertility

I switch the pace up with lightning fast agility

Invest in food, clothing and shelter

Surround your wealth under these principles; require no helper

Financial stability is the mentality I harness

My pen is natural like wood with fresh varnish

Improving myself spiritually, mentally and physically every hour

Even when I’m sound asleep, I’m impenetrable like absolute power

Special deliveries being shipped globally

I’m in real city shopping at Ogilvy’s

I have expensive taste like silky lace

I’m never out of place because I hammer the case

Facilitating business transactions, capitalizing off bigger endeavors

I’m flying high in the sky, even when I’m under the weather

The revolutionary spirit is how I choose to live

Remain positive in hard times, somethings gotta give

Connections on the streets is what I value most

It gives me credibility from coast to coast

Patience, perseverance, persistence and philanthropy

Observational, sensational–praying, creating artwork like a canopy


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