I’m regulating, elevating and writing verses that are devastating

If I’m drinking: it means I’m celebrating

I have the fiends leaning to my words

I met a lot of them on the street curb

Converse with the worst to become the best

I clean up the mess, make the oppressors return with less

There’s a lot of weight to get off my chest like a bench press

Writing feels remarkable like touching perky breasts

I captured public interest, by controlling sublime rapture

I’m coming off the wall like bad plaster

I keep it one million, I really am the worst actor

I only touch down around money, so I can enjoy the laughter

I’m preaching more sermons than a pastor

I build with the greatest minds to grow faster

The truth is liberation, invoking peace for generations

Innovation can be desecration for an entire nation

But I flip the negative around and make it positive

I invest money in painstaking research at colleges

Absorb my hypothesis, endorse my thoughts like a psychologist

I’m entering your enzymes like a biologist

Smoke trees with your friends, but won’t eat with them

You aren’t even cool; what are you teaching them?

95% of the people you deal with are fake

They show love but really want you drowning in a lake

Prevaricators say they believe in God, the higher power

But when things go sour, they worship the devil’s hours

Operate in a state of ignorance and gain nothing

That’s what you deserve for body bluffing

I listen twice, get nice so I can decimate the hype

I think about a price and move silently like mice

The mainstream provider and underground king

You wouldn’t last one round in my ring


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