Freshly Baked

The objective is never be in a deficit

Writing books got me out, cause I’m affectionate

Majestically inclined, the words have been defined

Leading the world to a nicer place, with a free mind

Recipes, remedies, rapture–my essence was recaptured

I don’t have a role to play like an actor

All I have is my pen and a divine mission

When I apply ink to the page, the universe glistens

Every night I’m up late, not looking for an escape

I’m just propelling my dwelling to collect higher rates

Entrepreneur that’s willing to put other authors under my umbrella

But you have to be a contagious bookseller

Catch me on the block at any hour

I go for daily walks like taking a shower

Only fools would request the need for power

I’m smoking the sour, envisioning my seeds seeing the last hour

Without the hustle, I would’ve struggled hard

I refused to spend my life stuck on the boulevard

I put my words in the oven and watch them rise

The temperature caught on fire, showing authors their demise

I create a fan base that nobody knew about

I steal writers fans, invade the space, and tell them their moving out

Divas have a lot of influence and information

You won’t outsmart an intelligent women; she’s about elevation

I don’t care what anyone thinks about me

I’m happy that many people doubt me

Ending the drought because I have insurmountable clout

I work smarter and ball harder, while I watch you pout

I’m living sucker free, cause I’m a true G

God has blessed me, putting you under me

Branding that has expertise behind it, ruling the market

I was already winning, before I even started


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