A poet’s, poet

Scintillating similies, combined with euphoric cognition

Metaphors igniting a transition, instantiating better positions

The deepest end is what I defend, a sincere hand is what I extend

Verses, stanzas and rhythms of a ubiquitous nature is what I intend

I’m into culture and worldly affairs

But I won’t regulate what the government adheres

Legislation is occupying land, raping resources and pillaging people

How could you say all of our opportunities are equal?

Retail has these kids caught in a trap

Trying to look rich, but won’t get their money back

Buying smokes, before instilling a sense of hope

Life gets rougher, they can’t cope

Inside the minds and hearts of the greatest souls

It’s like I’m buried in the cemetery; greatest story ever told

Not dwelling on the past because I’m too focused on the future

I’ve been a king since birth like Martin Luther

Patiently waiting, engulfed in the finer things

Im shining like a ring, I got your back like ping

Every poem I write is a classic like autumn leaves

I conquer what I believe, fix what others deceive

Young queens are nice, if they don’t get caught up in the hype

I don’t have a specific type, but I love radiance and fight

She has to be determined and persistent

Still wants the best for me, when we’re distant

There’s nobody harder on me than myself

I’m difficult to endure, but optimal for health

The key to making money is saving, investing and building on tomorrow

I see haters trying to copy my style because its not borrowed

Travelling around the world on leisure and promotion

My books are deeper than the ocean–true Nova Scotian

Every year is my year, but 2016 is going to breed greatness

I’m thankful for everything I have, the mansion is spacious


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