Accurate Bullets

I turned my writing into a gun concealed

Bloody bodies in the middle of nowhere; went missing, no murder revealed

If you are genuine with me, I’ll always support you

Loyalty is priceless, an attribute that won’t extort you

Call me up and I’ll come through ready to kill

If not, let’s get together and follow God’s will

Standing on my own two feet collecting funds

Every poem I write are like bullets firing out of guns

Putting these writers in the morgue, they want to charge me

I’m going to become a bigger icon than Barbie

The dating scene went viral on Tinder and Instagram

Facebook hookups are foolish, I think it’s all spam

Meeting face-to-face is the finest way to build higher

Social media is for connections and buyers

I’m writing this poem on the street curb

Mornings are getting colder; no more birds

When you reach a financial surplus, make sure your parents are comfortable

The universe processes my words, you feed off it like lunchables

Immigrants come to this country and get paid cents

They don’t know what black people experienced paying rent

Exposing the fraudulent writers and poets

It feels good making ten racks, so I can blow it

I’m starting in a place nobody could begin

All I need is one pen, cause I’m in it to win

Burning up the writing world and creating better platforms

When I speak the truth: knowledge is born

The savior of the writing vocation, leading a nation

Providing education, strengthening relations–my life is like a vacation

The responsibilities of wearing the crown is rewarding

I hop on the plane and pass through the clouds when I’m boarding

The flight is smooth, with no signs of turbulence

The obstacles were dodged; I’m jumping over the fence


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