I wake up every day and transform

The man you knew yesterday has been reborn

Government name: Billy, the weather is getting chilly

Sometimes I’m too serious, and don’t know how to be silly

I’m focused on this money, I don’t know about a day off

I stay healthy–eradicating any cough

Emotional resonance resurfaces deep within each poem

I have a more acute memory than foam

There are many actions I don’t reveal–the street code

I will be resting solemnly, in a luxurious, humble abode

My taste is expensive, but I’m making sure it’s cheap

To become successful, you need to stare in the eyes of defeat

Don’t let anyone tell you what you deserve

I run the nations affairs like reverb

A loyal readership that reaches overseas

It’s a natural occurrence, like the birds and the bees

I went from walking everyday to the library

To pushing a Lexus, by putting authors in the cemetery

The moon brightened the night sky, with a illuminating crescent

I saw heaven in my dreams; it was a true blessing

God inspired me and said: keep grinding until you collapse

When you’re feeling weary, the negative effects I’ll detract

Covers, reviews, synopsis, tags, price, promotion

Sending out a few tips to sell books in one motion

I treat everything I write like I’m birthing a child

Carefully prepare each word, so the outlook isn’t wild

I didn’t drink for months, just so I could go out and stunt

I’m at the Ritz Carlton drinking whisky, and having lunch

Every poem I write puts my two feet on a new beacon

My mission is acquire what I need and hone what I’m seeking

The writing is so far ahead of its time that I redefine mankind

Escape the perils of a bind, lay back and continue to climb



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