Flash Forward

Book promotion shook the bottom of the ocean

The concoction is like a potion in motion

I don’t believe in magic cause I make miracles

I write poetry like I’m lyrical; making poets hysterical

Concentrated on what matters, not listening to chatter

I hit a grand slam like a clutch batter

Graduated from the time I spent on the streets

The world is at my feet like a track meet

I come from the country where your neighbor expects the worst for you

Cordial to your face, but has dreams of hurting you

I won’t let the smiles beguile, the world knows me as Kyle

Immaculate style, absolutely buckwild, sorting through secret files

I reach the office before the sunrise–thrive off family ties

I got accused of lies, I was ahead of myself like flipping pies

Pushing the Lexus, leaving my city breathless

I’m shining brighter than any necklace

A queen by my side; she won’t go against me

I have her locked up like she’s in the penitentiary

Drinking all night, sleeping all day

My schedule when I’m on vacation even pays

The grind lasts for eternity like heaven or hell

The hereafter rings like a bell, the journey of a cell

Online dating has become a modernized way of life

The comments are trite, causing unnecessary strife

Getting to know someone is a face-to-face interaction

Not the weakest form of communication, that’s a fraction

I reminisce on my past, to remind me of how far I’ve come

Gucci shoes on the feet, fresher than when spring has sprung

On the surface: it looked like I took steps backwards

I was dead broke, living in the rafters

Seeing the ground is a waste of time for my occupation

I teach the future generation, levitate on demonstration


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