The struggle has a death grip on my temple

I see cold people capitalizing–does it pay to be sentimental?

Hunger pains, smaller frame; its a sick game

Progressing through the pain, walking in the rain

All dogs eat, no matter the circumstances

See the positive in a negative situation, the view is expansive

Seeing brighter days seemed absolutely impossible

I’m the only one who is held responsible

I knew what I was writing was colossal

Displayed more history than a fossil

I understood I was born to be rich, but felt trapped

I pushed hard, even when my energy was tapped

I worked hard every day at creating new poems and stories

If I hurt you in any way, I’m truly sorry

Locking down the writing world wasn’t easy

I lived in hell, then ascended to heaven cause I’m Beezy

There are no pseudonymous or acts on this side

There aren’t any rules that I abide; ready to slide

Painted pictures so exquisite I made the public livid

Produced energy that was positive and vivid

I won’t retire because I posess too many desires

I love to inspire, write fire, find genuine people for hire

I stayed healthy in the struggle, moved around subtle

I’m passionate and romantic, ready to cuddle

I solved life like a broken puzzle

Fixed my problems, so I could pop the bubble

My life was a mess, infected like a negative bench press

I demolished the stress, to prove I’m the best

The days were hard, but the nights were harder

I couldn’t pay the bills with my rights like the charter

Employment is tough to find, even if you seek diligently

I formed my own company, and marched forward militantly


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