Loving Life

There’s nothing better than loyalty and respect

Honorable actions are what I detect

I’m on the road all alone, on my way home

A true king is crowned by his actions and dome

I’m causing an earthquake when I step through the town

The haters hear the sound, I’m flying so high, I don’t touch the ground

Abandoning problems and issues, by fixing the resources

I’m seeing more green than golf courses

I don’t burn bridges, but move on and forgive

I won’t forget what happened, is what I will teach my kids

Youthful offenders are criminal contenders

They rob the dealers, and escape with splendor

Resisting what demons are steadily insisting

The substance of an angel, is what my words are consisting

Dreams that are broken can be reassembled

Creating a better opportunity that’s more nimble

I still have dreams to complete, I won’t see defeat

Putting all of my enemies in retreat

Sipping brew, building on bigger ideas with my crew

I leave an imprint like a shoe, I’m impossible to subdue

You need to go through hell to make it into heaven

I’m onto the next day like an hour after eleven

People don’t play fair, but I don’t care

They can continue to be shocked and stare

The stars are here to shine with you

If you’re beloved, a lot of souls will miss you


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