Fresh Opportunities

The storm is over like the end of winter

I looked death in the face, but didn’t enter

I feel unbelievably blessed to be alive

I cultivate where the essence derived; running a colony like a bee hive

Moving forward, enhancing life, instilling new beginnings

I made the impossible look easy, I don’t have time for chilling

When money is on the mind; all you know is grind

Trust in God is what I find, culminating a deeper shrine

The waiting game is one part of what makes a man patient

I write what’s in high demand and the adjacent

Making literature, poetry and writing my life was cemented

Brilliantly resplendent, I needed to pursue independence

Getting down is easy, but getting up is harder

Every second that passes, I become smarter

Business mind that’s revamping the writing world as we know it

If I’m hurt I don’t show it, cause I’m the toughest poet

The prize money from competitions and literary awards were nice

That was only the beginning of the bread that I sliced

I attuned my mental to the essential

Built the foundation to multiply the sequential

Subsequently, I won the competition from a single entry

I’m not a prisoner locked up in the penitentiary

Cops want to put me behind bars like a rap song

They’re dead wrong, I stomp through the city like King Kong

I’m always ready to decimate, but instead I elevate

When I drink I celebrate, you consume alcohol to devastate

Selling books was an easy task like sipping whisky out a flask

The genuine will survive, the best writer ever, I am the last

I stopped giving hand outs and doing favors

But believe me: I’m still nice to my neighbours

I’ve been slowing down the vernacular, so you can catch up

I’ve been stacking up dollars, you only get your debt up


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