Writing Days

Sitting in front of the keyboard for hours

Days create a story that gives me more power

The sun shines, but the clouds steadily hover

The way I write underground, you could say I’m undercover

Controversial, when my buzz goes pop and commercial

Offending the public, it shouldn’t be the reversal

Critics say I’m worsening, but I’m gaining more cheddar

Classical approach like I’m writing a letter

I get up after the drop hits me, the remarkable texture

Degrees of knowledge, you only write conjecture

It’s a shame the way I air out these writers

They won’t beat me because I’m a fighter

My enemies plot but I’m too far ahead

Well read, the case was plead, you won’t see me dead

Broken dreams don’t exist in my world

I put stress on the arms like a hammer curl

Jazz music plays softly, during my writing process

The words flow out, magnificently like a faucet

Every time I write, my life becomes substantially better

Your girl might get wet, but I make her wetter

Memories make life project perfection

The reflection neglects harmful directions

My breed is rare like a unicorn

The way I ram you with my horn is routine, like a uniform

When the sun is at its peak, the angels speak

They say: keep going, and expose those who are weak

Ending careers is a pleasure, without measure

These writers disappear, forever like sunken treasure

Absolute certainty that you aren’t hurting me

If I write for you–I charge a workers fee

In my heart: I know I’m writing what’s right

Many don’t understand how my words take flight


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